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This site is a resource dedicated to providing unbiased info and product reviews for people dealing with hair loss. Our aim is to provide articles that educate the public about the causes and symptoms of this condition, as well as reviews of hair loss products and treatments.

Directly to the left, on our navigation bar, you'll find reviews of a bunch of hair loss products. Some have been around for decades, like Rogaine. Others are newer, like Scalpmed. We break down the pros, cons, and evidence for/against all of them. Right below that, you'll find articles that cover the basics. If you're just starting to lose your hair, start there.

The medical term for the most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. At least 95% of all hair loss cases fall into this category. Androgenetic alopecia is mostly a result of hereditary factors. There are also several other, less common types of losing hair. These conditions can be caused by medications, stress, thyroid problems, or a number of other factors. You can read more about the different Hair Loss Types and Causes.

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Our discussion forums give our users a chance share their hair loss experiences and success stories. You can also read and share reviews on various treatments and products. There are lots of questionable companies selling products that claim to cure baldness and thinning hair on the Internet. Our forums are a great way to sort through all the nonsense and find out what works for real people. Be sure to drop by our forums and register today. By sharing our experiences, everyone can gain valuable information and insight about the various treatments and issues.

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